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The CUSD Native American Education Program is a federally funded program to provide additional support for students of Native American Indian heritage. This program is designed to address the unique education and culturally related academic needs of Indian Education students so that they can achieve the same challenging state standards expected of all students.


The Native American Indian Education Program brings together the best academic principles of education and student identities rooted in the value of culture, community, and tradition.


The mission of the Native American Indian Education Program is to serve as a national model for the Native American Indian community by providing a student-centered museum program that emphasizes education, cultural identity and community by:

  • Enhancing student awareness of the traditions of Native Americans, their history, and the dreams for the people in the future.
  • Creating greater interest in earth studies, history, geography, language, math, art, sign language, and literature.
  • Sharing the native culture: rich with tradition and close relationship to the earth and all its inhabitants.
  • Providing teachers a framework of studies that reflects the community, state, region, nation, and world.
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