Our Elders are Honored here.



It is the Elders Committee fundamental purpose to provide the Acjachemen Elders the opportunity to embrace that special period of their lives and become engaged with other Acjachemen experiencing the same spectrum of living. 

It is a special time when life can be shared: happy moments, as well as all of the nagging trivialities.  Whittle your past experiences and dole them out to your Acjachemen friends: make them smile, laugh, cry, and think of your special past. 

Each Acjachemen has a menu of delicious moments.

Learn to maintain an optimum level of health.  Your Juaneno friends of the committee will bring to the table the many ways you can enjoy a better healthy life.
You don’t need to be told that life is so fleeting.  Where in the world did all the days go?  The future was once in abundance and suddenly there is an imbalance between the yesterdays and tomorrows.  Enjoy the moment!
Prepare for the final celebration of life by organizing the events that will end with a quiet whisper, “Thank you for sharing your lives with me.”
A comfortable life will continue for others because you have made it possible.

It is the Committee’s goal to blend the past, present and future into a special gift called:    “Your Legacy.”




1.    Develop an elders’ database.

2.    Aging:  Respect the process.  Be aware of caregivers and the cost.  Define the future and after life.

3.    Medicine and Ethics: Understand medical care.

4.    Federal Resources:  What is available for elders?

5.    Ethics:  To develop an awareness of the basic concepts and principles of ethics.

6.    Etiquette:  Learn to be comfortable in a variety of social and business settings.

7.    Learn basic principles of Robert’s Rules of Order.

8.    Elections:  The elders must set the tone for elections.

9.    How can the Elders assist the Tribal Council?

10.    Financial Reports:  The elders must know the financial position of the tribe. The elders request the Initial Budget and a monthly accounting report.