Archaeology Committee

Committee Chairperson:      Pending Appointment


The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation (the “Tribe”), a State-recognized Native American Indian Tribe, and the indigenous people of Orange County and surrounding areas including but not limited to San Juan Capistrano.  

As ancient inhabitants of San Juan Capistrano, we are extremely concerned with the treatment and protection of our ancestral homeland and cultural heritage of the Tribe within the project area. This area of San Juan Capistrano has cultural value to the Tribe due to the Tribe’s occupancy of territory located within the project site. Enrolled Tribal Elders as well as the Tribal Chairman descend directly from Acjachemen Ancestors who have inhabited this area of San Juan Capistrano.

The Acjachemen Tribe’s territory of Orange County has significant cultural value to the Acjachemen People due to the Tribe’s historic occupancy of region. The Tribe possesses a significant amount of information regarding the sensitivity of many cultural areas of Orange County. The Tribe seeks to assist and identify avoidance, minimization, monitoring, or mitigation measures that would support reducing impacts regarding our cultural resources.

 The Tribe has an established cultural and professional experts who engage in consultation and who review all compliance relating to our territory and culture. We also have trained and certified Native American Monitors who are qualified to monitor construction and archaeological activities. We will express our utmost concern for any potential impacts upon Juaneño cultural and natural resources, as well as disturbances to ancestral burials grounds, artifacts, and traditional, cultural and natural properties that may occur due to any ground disturbance or construction activities.  

To guard against the disturbance of Juaneño cultural resources and burials, we recommend that Juaneño monitors, from the Tribe under the leadership of Teresa M. Romero, be utilized to monitor any project construction, ground disturbing, and below surface activities.