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The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nations website is designed to assist in educating the general public about our great tribal nation. We will continue to update the site with interesting topics inclusive of but not limited to various articles, videos, photos, tribal news, national tribal news, press releases, political issues, policy etc. that will promote the Tribes well being and rich historic culture. Our target audience will be broad based ranging from the third grader (8) to the university level and beyond. We encourage our visitors to share our site with those you may feel would benefit from learning more about the aboriginal people of these lands. 


Our Tribal site will have the ability to assist in the viewing of confidential or private material that will be secured with password protections that only you the Tribal Membership will have access to. In time we will be uploading sensitive historic reports, letters, pictures, maps and many other items that are considered critical documents for the Tribe. Internal blogs, RSS feeds and many other social media communication tools will be reviewed as possible improvements or additions as we move forward. As of July 21, 2012 the site has been launched and will need the full participation from the Tribal Council, Committee Heads and the entire general council in order for our site to be current with the most dynamic relevant tribal information possible. Please contact Joe Lopez or myself (Chris A. Lobo) may you have any questions or would like to email a submission for the new website, as we fully encourage everyone to get involved and participate.

**All content will be reviewed and approved by the Tribal Council prior to posting on the Tribes website. Analytics

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